About Nikia

"I like to play with people's heartstrings and encourage them not to shy away from feeling something real, even if it's uncomfortable or bittersweet."

Singer-Songwriter, Nikia, grew up playing piano and violin as a child.   Hailing from a musical family, she spent most of her time studying classical music and eventually pursued a degree in Violin Performance.  Although her education set her on a path to perform in a symphony orchestra, Nikia fell to the passion of songwriting and pop music in her early 20s.  She released her first album, "Taller Than Trees" in 2014 and moved to Nashville, TN the following year to expand her writing style.  She is currently working on an E.P. due to release Spring of 2018.  

Aside from her songwriting career, Nikia also devotes a significant amount of time to other artists and recording studios in Nashville.  She currently offers violin support and vocals to Joanna Barbera, songstress from New York, and can be found at various studios tracking violin.  In addition to performing, Nikia also maintains a teaching studio of private string and piano students.