Interested in Booking Nikia Yung?

"There are very few unsigned artists who have the ability to capture the attention of an entire room for 45 minutes with their own original music."

Private House Concerts

  • What is a house concert?
    • A house concert is exactly what it sounds like.  Nikia Yung will come to your home and perform an intimate set of music either as a solo artist or with full band.
  • Who can host one?
    • Anyone!  As long as you have enough space to accommodate the musical gear, guest seating and listening are eligible to host a house concert.
  • I've never hosted a house concert.  What would I need to do as host?
    • Invite your friends!  If you would like to entertain, feel free to coordinate snacks/drinks for your guests before or between sets, though it is not required.  Some people like to host via potlucks, wine tasting nights, or light snacks.   Compensation is not required, however setting out a tip jar or suggested donation or $5-$20 is always appreciated especially if travel is required.
  • How Can I Book Nikia Yung?
    • If you're interested in being a host for a house concert, email or visit the contact page with the location/date you are interested in.  Please consider scheduling at least two months in advance.